Jolana Rubin bass, made in Czechoslovakia

Jolana Rubin bass is one of the numerous semihollow Jolana basses introduced during the second half of the sixties. Rubin bass was made somewhwere during the seventies. The first semihollow bass in this line was a Pampero (introduced in 1965), a bass version of Jolana Tornado, a semihollow model first introduced in 1963.
It seems that Jolana company started to change various small details in the design, each time giving the instrument a new name. In communist reality that seems to be reasonable, because the company had the possibility to say that in "this year we introduced a couple of new models", while not doing almost anything: you didn't have to fight for the market, you only had to report that you were working.
Other similar semihollow Jolana basses were: Jolana Studio, Kolorbas, and mentioned above Pampero. The differencies include headstock shapes, controls' plates, f-holes quantity (1 to 2) and, of course, the logo.

Jan, Prague
Viljar Rosin, Finland

for more indormation on Czech guitar production, read this or even this.

Jolana Rubin bass
Jolana Rubin bass

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