Musima Elektra Deluxe V

Elektra Deluxe V is a mid-70's DDR solidbody guitar. "V" stands for "vibrato", the non-vibrato modification of the same model with tune-o-matic bridge and without "V" on the headstock is called simply Musima Elektra Deluxe.
The owner seems to be invseting some money into this guitar - the whole circut has been canged to 2HB scheme, but the tuners and the rest of the hardware looks original. It's hard to say what the original pickups' configuration was, but the construction of this instrument is pretty similar to Musima Deluxe 25 and Musima Eterna 25. There probably were two or three single-coil pickups on this one.

Approximate specifications:
Scale: 640 mm
Body: plywood
Neck: beech, three-piece, with painted beech fingerboard, zero fret, white plastic inlays
Nut: white plastic
Binding: none
Bridge: Original Musima tremolo construction
Tuners: 6 opened Musima tuners in a row (very bad quality)


Left: Musima logos always look very cool and attractive.
Right: Original opened Musima tuners with plastic heads.

For some reason these guitars are always modified. People put all kinds of pickups into Deluxes - probably hoping it will produce a cool sound. The red guitar was spotted on ebay - notice the replaced output jack. And, by the way, one of the pickups (probably the bridge one) might be stock!

Musima ElektraMusima Elektra

Black one - A. Nedvetski
Red one - ebay, studio1525

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