Erevan doubleneck guitar/bass Rarity:
[very rare]

Some of the most obscure Soviet models were made in Erevan, Armenia. It took some serious research to identify these beasts, because the Erevan factory models almost never have any logos on them. Guitars from the Erevan factory are among the worst of all Soviet models as far as quality goes, but you have to give them credit for coming out with such fanciful cheeseballs like the doubleneck and the electric mando. Besides the Krunk guitar, the doubleneck and the mando, there was also a violin-shaped shortscale bass and probavbly other models too. Very little is known about the Erevan factory, so if you know something, please share it with us.

Common features of models made at the Erevan factory:

  • All models have a black metal-flake finish.
  • All models have a pick-shaped, three-bolt neckplate with serial number on it (except the mandolin, which has two bolts without neckplate).
  • Not a single Erevan model has a truss-rod, not even basses. The necks are obviously very thick.
  • All models have pickups with chrome covers and either red or green plastic inserts.
  • Fretboards are usually unfinished, with pink plastic dot markers.
  • Extremely sloppy assembly quality.
  • Soviet doubleneck

    This guitar is a very rare bird. It was on sale at ebay, the short explaination was "Extremely rare, the first USSR-manufactured Double neck bass/electric guitar. Mid 70's. Bass scale 800mm, guitar's standard. Made in USSR".

    Big Beat (Junkguitars.com)
    Studio 1525
    ebay seller (the guitar below) - sellerfromukraine

    This guitar was (probably still is) for sale on ebay. With the record 'buy it now' price it will probably stay there for some time so you have a chance to own it! Try to search for USSR in Musical instruments category to see if it's still there. It looks completely stock, even the output jack was not converted.

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