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Hello, and welcome to Weiss und Engel webspace. This is the virtual part of W&E project, created for spreading our ideas web-wide, archiving and presenting the information we gather, and ,of course, interacting with the users via our guestbook.

Weiss und Engel is the first Israeli psycho-acoustic sound research group, standing in the early phase of an exciting investigation. We came out with inductive hypotheses concerning the influence of certain frequencies and timbres on the human psyche. With the help of the latest digital technologies we synthesize and concentrate these sounds and use them in our compositions. We then study the listeners reactions, and adapt our further assumptions to the results of these studies.
Our hypotheses are largely based on the recent psychological applications of chaos theory, leading to extensive use of fractal algorithms in our sound generation and composition as a whole. We are aware of the large scale of latest developments in acoustical stimuli usage for relaxational and educational purposes, but we are trying to go further in an attempt to find the right "codes" for precise behaviour manipulation, will-bending and total inner renovation.
We'll greatly appreciate any feedback - please answer the little questonnaire in our guestbook, and contact us via e-mail if you would like to receive a copy of our first CD, due to be released in spring 2005.


28.6.2012 - WE will play live at Fishka, Tel Aviv (or is that Jafo?). The concert will also feature Shoom and Engel's exhibition opening at the same space.
Doors at 19:30, address: Eilat st. 7, Tel Aviv/Jafffffo.

May 2004 - finally, we finished working on our first release. Please welcome - GOODBOYFRIEND. It took us more than 2 years of hard work to put the thing together...


The disk cover before the name change. Now there's another decal.

April 2004: We've changed the band's name - before it's too late. Being Gnoy and Salo was cool, but being Weiss und Engel is better.

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