1. ZONE electroacoustic machines.

I'm very happy with my last creation - two electroacoustic machines\sculptures that played so nice at the ZONE exhibition. This work is something that merges a couple of different directions I've had in my life - music, architecture, electronics and visual art - into a piece of interactive performance art.

The Machines were created around a very basic idea - to build a self-playing instrument. Two machines from the ZONE exhibition utilize old guitars and some electronic garbage. The guitars function as self - oscillating sound sources while numerous triggers, amplifiers and effects change the sound into something that's better be heard than described in words.

In the beginning I planned to invite my friend musicians to operate the Machines at the exhibition but at the end they (the Machines) managed to play themselves fine almost without any help. They accompanied the exhibiton's opening performance. After the performance ended I switched them to quiet operation and enjoyed watching the visitors panic when the Machines would suddenly start playing loud or producing all sorts of weird sounds after being touched.

ZONE1.mp3 - listen to both machines playing.

More information on the ZONE exhibition (and pictures from the performance) rests at meatexZ.com/zone.

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