I play guitar and bass since 1986 which was more than 20 years ago. I have no formal musical education, although I took a couple of courses at Rubin Music Academy in Jerusalem somewhere in 1998-99. Since 1992 I've been playing and giging a lot with all kinds of bands. I also recorded a couple of albums and worked as a session musician.

Talking about style, I think there should be a good music, not a good style. From the very beginning of my carreer and untill today I'm switching between rock, pop, ethno, noise, grindcore, dance and several other directions.

In order to clear things up a bit I'll try to list some of my influences:
Guitar: Syd Barrett, Tom Morello
Bass: Les Claypool
Perfect bands: Beatles, Pink Floyd, Napalm Death.

As far as a formal education goes, I've spent five years in art school and this affected me a lot musically. If I can get experimental, arrange some performance onstage or do watever goes a little further than just playing music I'd be more than happy.

Just like many musicians today, I have a modest home studio where I record, mix and produce things by myself.

I also build all sorts of sound devices and you can see some of my very experimental creations here.

Me and my '62 before the plastic surgery in 2002.
List of my bands/projects:

1999-today: meatex Z
2006-2009: Ish-Fish
2003-2004: Little Red Machine
2000-2003: Shoom
2001-2004: Weiss und Engel
1999-2000: Method
1994-1998: Ausweis
1994-1995: Boring Woodpeckers
1992-1993: Lucy


Weiss und Engel - Shalom Haver
meatex Z - Love Parade
Shoom - To the sound of the hare
Ausweis - Hurt
Method - Social Whore
Little Red Machine - Fast song

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