Back in 1999 me with my friends established a group called meatex Z. It united artists and musicians and the aim of the group was to create contemporary multimedia art. We claim that every art purpose is entertainment and a modern work of art should incorporate visual and audible components, as well as involve the spectator in some sort of interaction.

This led the group to the form of performance as the main medium for the group activities. Usually different members of the group work with different aspects. Almost every performance features specially made costumes, sound devices, artwork and theatrical happening.

Important to mention that most of the performances feature many people and it's hard to say who is a member of meatex Z and who is not.

Underground Perfromance at The Point, 2006

The performance featured live music produced by two electroacoustic machines that accompanied building of a sculpture. Flimed by 9th channel and later appeared in the news.

ZONE, 2005

Fashion, sculpture and photography exhibition and performance at Teena gallery.

Ofnaus, 2004

Group exhibition and performance at Teena gallery, organized by meatex Z. The exhibition featured a couple of Jerusalem underground artists. "Ofna" means "fashion" in Hebrew, and the whole exhibition was built around this subject. Each of the participants prepared a costume for the "fashion show" at the opening of the exhibiton, and also presented a graphic work.

Life with animals, 2003

Exhibition and performance at Teena gallery in 2004. The title corresponds a to couple of works with violent scenes of people and animals in all sorts of interaction. The opening performance featured a large transparent cube built in the gallery. The members of meatex Z were inside the cube playing music and making sounds during the first exhibition day.

Tails, 2003

Street performance at the center of Jerusalem.

Birth, 2001

Street performance

Millenium Performance, 31 Dec. 1999 - 1 Jan. 2000

The first meatex Z performance took place on the wall of the holy city on the millenium night. We've decided to produce a signal at the millenium change, which included mascarade, fireworks and pipes.

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