Although formally trained as an architect, I've spent almost half of my studies at different graphic courses. Not only architect should know it, but I was particulary interested in graphics.

I have a formal education in the following fields:
- academic drawing
- technical drawing
- animation
- etching
- silkscreen
- litography

During the years, I've been dealing with different graphic projects - from CD covers' and posters' designs to web graphics. Here you can find some of the selected works.

If you'd like to see more graphics, you can also visit an paintings and drawingspage. Web pages' design is also a very important issue, so you can see a web design page.

I use Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw for reg graphic projects and sometimes Macromedia FLASH for web graphic and animated images.

CD covers
Psilodump, Washed, 2004
Gnoy & Salo, Goodboyfriend, 2002
Shoom, 2000------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ausweis,, 1997
Posters and flyers

Invitation for the exhibition at Nora gallery, 2009 (two sides - hebrew and english).
Flyer for Ish-Fish band
Flyer for Ish-Fish band
Flyer for Ish-Fish band
Noisemass 2005 flyer

meatex Z exhibition flyer, 2005
Logo design
"Blacksmith" logo for Tozeret festival of urban culture.
[Poster design - Perry Lee Jam]

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