For sale

Some of my works are for sale at the following galleries:

GO Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jerusalem Artists' House, Jerusalem, Israel
Kayma Gallery, Yafo, Israel
Nora Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

Art dealer in Tel Aviv-Jaffo area:
Dan Shafir

If you're interested in puchasing my artwork directly from me you may contact me via email ( I manage to add [sold] marks next to the works which were sold, so if you don't see it the work should be available.

You may ask me for the price via the contact form. I will not sell an artwork for a price lower than a gallery, please don't ask.

International shipping
Shipping is not included in a price and depends on your location and shipping option you prefer.
I live in Israel. Israeli postal service is very reliable and not expensive. I usually ship stuff with registered air mail which is not much more expensive than the regular shipping but takes less time and makes sure nothing is lost. The better option (2-3 days) is EMS and it's really bulletproof, so if you ship an expensive painting it's adviced.
You may see the rates at Israeli postal office website, I will not charge handling and I don't have any other additional fees - except for the shipping.

Everything is sold unframed. If you want the work framed, you will need to add $30-$50 to the price - depending on the size. However, if you are going to ship the artwork it is advised to frame them later since the frames are
1) Fragile
2) Heavy
which adds to the shipping prices due to the increased weight and may damage the work if a glass (if there is glass) breaks during the shipping.

Methods of payment:
I prefer PayPal. All the other options (bank transfer, western union, envelope with cash, barter exchange, whatever) are also available although they seem more troublesome.

Etchings: Ish-Fishes

Five etchings of ish-fishes, made in October - November 2006.

Number of copies printed: 20 each.

Fish 1: 15X12cm.
Fish 2, 3, 4: 11X7cm each.
Fish 5: 15X12cm.

Fish 1 - $200
Fish 2 - $150
Fish 3 - $150
Fish 4 - $150
Fish 5 - $200
(also available - one copy of Fish 2,3 and 4 printed together on the same paper vertically, $300)

All five together - $750

Shipping price not included.

Etchings: Judaica
Menora and Svivon, two etchings, winter 2006-2007. Number of copies printed: 20 each.

Prices: $300 each
Two etchings together - $500

Shipping price not included.

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