Web design

I'm more interested in "web art" than in creating different internet shops and databases, thus my profile can be described as "web designer" rather than "webmaster". The sites listed here are all working web sites, and clicking on an image will lead you to the site itself.

I work with hadnwritten code (without using any HTML - generating software), although Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage find their use from time to time. I also use FLASH software for FLASH applets and animated graphics.

As you understand, this site is also my work.

Selected websites:
Online Torah reading lessons as a preparation for Bar Mitzvah.
A resource dedicated to guitar production behind the Iron Curtain during the "communist" years in Eastern Europe and USSR.
meatex Z art division site
Old meatexz.com FLASH site
Little Red Machine
Live drum'n'bass improvisation collective
Rock'n'roll band
MethoD - Jerusalem progressive/grindcore band
Shoom - ethnocore band from Jerusalem
Baby Productions - splash screen for Canadian record label (FLASH).
Weiss und Engel
experimental noise and electroacoustic project.
Flash game - "Roaches' run with Les Claypool"
(Participated in a contest for FLASH something at www.primussucks.com)

©1975-2095 Engel Sergey - original artwork and web design.

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