Gefilte Fish, exhibition at Jerusalem Municipal gallery.

Opening: August 6th, 2013, at 18:30.
Address: Jerusalem, Jaffa road, 17 (nearby City Hall tram station).

Curator: dr. Ziva Geva-Levin

The exhibition will feature mainly fish courses, with some human and animal additions.

past events

Why Remember, exhibition at Jerusalem Theatre Gallery
April 17, 2011 - May 21, 2011. Grand opening on April 21 at 20:00

Why Remember is based on Jewish traditional motives and resurrects style of the early Bezalel days, while the interpretations are extremely modern.

Nataly Gorodetsky-Engel is taking a big part in the exhibition too, and you can preview more of her and mine works here -
Total deZign.com

On the right: The Battle for Jerusalem, 2011.
Acrylics and ink on board, 150X150cm.

past events

Fresh Paint 3: 5 - 8.5.2010

I participated in Fresh Paint - a yearly art fair at Jaffa port. A couple of my works were presented at Kayma Gallery booth.

On Thursday, 6.5.2010, I've had a day-long performance at the fair, painting and drawing at the place. Thanks for everyone for coming and sharing positive emotions! It was fun!

H1, 2010, 30X30cm Man's Best Friend, 2010, 30X30cm Ish Fish 61, 2010, 60X60cm Paro Lenin, 2010, 30X30cm Umka, 2010, 30X30cm

A couple riding a fish
- studying H.Bosch
Acrylics and sepia ink on canvas, 20X25cm, 2009.

I'm having lots of fun copying a small fragment of Hyeronimus Bosch's infamous tryptich, The temptation of St.Antonius. The actual size of my painting is 20X25cm, which is way bigger than the original tiny fragment.

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