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The Battle for Jerusalem

Two paintings, the first one was a preliminary study. Each one consists of 9 separate pieces. (I think it's interesting to see the progress)

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Battle for Jerusalem, 2010
Acrylics and ink on canvas, 60X60cm

Battle for Jerusalem, 2011
Acrylics and ink on board, 150X150cm

Story of one painting

Acrylics and ink on canvases, 2009, 200X250cm.
The work consists of 20 separate canvases, 50X50cm each.

Ish Fishes, 165X125cm, 17 pieces of various sizes.
Acrtlics and ink on canvases, 2008.
Made for Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam. [partly sold]

Series of paintings, 90X90 cm each. Acrylics and calligraphy ink on canvases, 2009.

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